Monday, March 23, 2009

McDonalds Spider-man and Hello Kitty Toys

Spider-man toys for boys and Hello Kitty watches for girls are the current happy meal promotion at McDonalds. These McDonalds toys will have you eating burgers by the boxfull.

McDonalds Spectacular Spider-man and Hello Kitty Promotional Toys March 2009
Spider-man Happy Meal Action Toys
Spectacular Spider-man Animated series toys are being given away with every happy meal sold at McDonalds over four weeks in March 2009. The toy promotion, based on Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-man series (Peter Parker battles Super Villians while struggling to conceal his web-slinging identity), is being rolled out in over 25,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

McDonalds Spectacular Spiderman Promotional Toy 2009 - Spider-man Suction Cup
As is common with Australian and New Zealand releases McDonalds is limiting the set to four toys instead of the eight toys released in most sets around the world including the US set. The happy meal toys that have been omitted are Spiderman Launcher (Web Shooter), Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Spiderman Swinging. This is frustrating for downunder collectors as we would have loved to get our hands on the full set of these super heroes and super villians. I wish McDonalds would change its policy around this.

Unpacked the Spider-man toys are solid and durable enough to sustain the kind of action you would expect any superhero ready to endure. Don’t expect to develop super powers overnight though! Still fans and collectors will love posing these happy meal toys as they look great on display. Included in the set are:

Spiderman suction cup
The Green Goblin - pull back roll action
Venom - water squirter
Spiderman Crawling - floor crawler

McDonalds Spectacular Spiderman Promotional Toy - The Green Goblin
McDonalds Spectacular Spider-man Promotional Toy 2009 - Venom

Hello Kitty Happy Meal Watches
Hello Kitty fans and collectors will be pleased with the Hello Kitty Sanrio watches that are being given away with every McDonalds happy meal during March 2009. Designed for girls these toys will have the little girl in your household begging to get her hands on one of these little kitties. Unfortunately for Australian and New Zealand collectors this promotion is limited to four of the eight toys released overseas and does not include Hello Kitty Green Apple, My Melody, Chococat, and Little Twin Stars as pictured below.

McDonalds Hello Kitty Watches Promotion Set of 8

The Hello Kitty watches included in this New Zealand McDonalds happy meal promotion are:

Down With Brown
Purple Fairy
Red Flower
Starry Princess

McDonalds Hello Kitty Watches Promotion 2009 - Starry Princess

Please Note: This promotion differs from the US promotion which includes Spider-man and Littlest Pet Shop toys instead of Hello Kitty watches.

With this promotion McDonalds can expect the number of happy meals to soar as kids persuade their parents that nothing will satisfy them other than to get their laughing gear around a McDonalds happy meal.

Four Hello Kitty watches and four Spectacular Spider-man toys given away by McDonalds with every happy meal sold in March 2009.

McDonalds Next Promotion
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