Sunday, August 2, 2009

Burger King GI Joe Kids Meal Toys

G.I. Joe toys are the latest kids meal toys at Burger King. As part of the promotion of new movie GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra one of 8 GI Joe toys is being given away with every Burger King Kids Meal sold.

The 8 piece GI Joe set of toys is a nice set from Burger King including GI Joe gadgets, vehicles and action figures. The Burger King GI Joe set for 2009 includes the following toys:

Mobile Mantis Sub - pull back action vehicle
Scarab Attack - eject figure from vehicle
SFX Scanner - shake to activate 3 sound effects
Vision Scope - hold up to eye for night vision scope
Turbine Twist Howler - turbine rotates
UV Classified Reveal Pen - write secret message in invisible ink
Snake Eyes Attack - light up GI Joe action figure
Spring Up Storm Shadow - jet pack GI Joe action figure

Burger King GI Joe toys 2009 - Vision Scope
Burger King GI Joe toys 2009 - Spring Up Storm Shadow
Burger King GI Joe toys 2009 - Turbine Twist Howler

Burger King is giving away 8 GI Joe kids meal toys with with every Burger King kids meal sold in New Zealand in August 2009. The action toy set includes 2 action figures, 4 gadgets and 2 vehicles. The fast food toys promotion is timed to coincide with the release of the upcoming movie GI Joe - The Rise of the Cobra.

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