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KFC Toy Story Bed Puzzle Toys 1996 Original Toy Story Movie Tie-In

KFC Toy Story bed puzzle toys was one of the best toy promotions that KFC did in New Zealand and Australia in 1996 as part of a movie tie-in deal with the Toy Story movie when it came out on video. I am uncertain how many other countries got this promotion but I am thinking possibly some Asian countries may have had it.

The Toy Story toys are a nice set of figures from the Toy Story movie.  Each comes with a piece of a puzzle which when joined together form a bed.  The toys are made of hard plastic and are durable enough for a reasonable level of play.

The bed puzzle concept makes for something a little different.  That being said it is not unusual to find the toy story figure in a lot of vintage toys but often the bed puzzle piece is missing.

KFC Toy Story Bed Puzzle Toys 1996 - Australia and New Zealand
KFC Toy Story Bed Puzzle Toys 1996

The Toy Story toys from KFC are figurines and have no articulation as you might expect.  They are still a fun set and look good on display.

The KFC Toy Story Bed Puzzle toys form a set of four toys and include the following toys:

  • Woody (Headboard, rear)

  • Buzz Lightyear (Puzzle Base Piece, rear)

  • Hamm (Puzzle Base Piece, front)

  • Rex  (Puzzle Base Piece, front)

The original Toy Story movie saw toy promotions not only by KFC but McDonalds too had a really nice set of toys on offer.  The 1995 McDonalds toys were much larger compared to the KFC set which has really small figures.  The McDonalds set also included a lot more toys of different characters from the Toy Story movie.

Expect to pay a premium for these toys if you can find them MIP.  As a set these KFC Toys Story toys have become a fairly rare collector's item.   Loose toys are a little easier to come by and occasionally come up on Ebay Australia.


KFC Toy Story Bed Puzzle 1996 toys are a nice collectible toy set from the original Toy Story movie released in New Zealand and Australia.  The toys can be enjoyed individually but also collectively as each toy comes with a piece of the bed puzzle which when joined together creates a nice display platform. These toys have now become hard to find MIP or even loose and as such sell at a premium on toy collector markets and auction sites. #kfctoys #toystorytoys #kfctoystory #toystorytoys

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