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Burger King Star Trek Toys 2009

Burger King have excelled themselves again with the release of the Star Trek Kids Meal Toys. These toys are a great collectable and seem to be popular with new and seasoned collectors alike. The Star Trek movie has been pretty successful here in New Zealand even with non Trekkies so there are plenty of eager fans new and old queuing up to beam all 16 toys to their collection.

Burger King Star Trek Toys Promotion - 16 Toys in the Set.  Photo Credit:
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Personally I like these toys from Burger King. While they are not super detailed the likenesses are good. The toys also display well which in my book is a definite plus. The characters have oversized heads but are not bobble-headed like many of the recent releases. If you recall Burger King's Thunderbirds were bobble-headed as were the Clone Wars happy meal toys from McDonalds last year.

There are 16 toys in this global promotion from Burger King which are being released 4 at a time over 4 weeks. That's a lot of burgers for fans and collectors to chomp their way through in a month. Are you up to the challenge?

The Star Trek toys feature characters, spaceships, vehicles and equipment from the Star Trek movie. Each toy has its own sound effect. The packaging of the New Zealand set varies from the US set. As is typical here toys are distributed in a clear plastic wrapper with a paper insert as opposed to labelling on the plastic bag. This style of wrapping has advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side it is easy to see the toy. On the down side there is no indication of the name of the toy or the set it belongs to which can be annoying if you are trying to identify a particular toy.

The Star Trek set of 16 kids meal toys includes the following toys:

8 Star Trek Characters Figures:
Captain Kirk, Bones Chekov, Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, Spock and Spock Prime (original Spock)

Burger King Star Trek Toy 2009 - Bones says - I'm a Doctor, not a physicist
6 Star Trek Spaceship and Vehicle Toys:
USS Enterprise, USS Kelvin, Warbird, Spock's Ship (the Jellyfish), Shuttle, Hover Bike

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - USS Enterprise
2 Star Trek Equipement Toys:
Tricorder, Communicator

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Tricorder

Star Trek Toy Sound Effects - Characters
Captain Kirk - “Kirk to enterprise”
Spock - “A rescue attempt would be illogical”
Bones - “I’m a doctor, not a physicist”
Scotty - “I’m giving it all she’s got, Captain”
Uhura - “Captain, we’re being hailed”
Chekov - “Ensign Chekov Pavel Andreivich, sir”
Sulu - “Warp 3, sir”
Spock Prime (Original Spock) - “Live long and prosper”

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Captain Kirk Figure
Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Spock Figure
Star Trek Toy Sound Effects - Vehicles, Spaceships and Equipment
USS Enterprise - “Whoosh”
USS Kelvin - “Red Alert!”
Warbird - “Zoom”
Spock's Ship (Jellyfish) - “You’re gonna be able to fly this thing, right?
Shuttle - “Approaching Drop Zone”
Tricorder - Stardate 2248.42
Communicator - “Beam me up”
Hover Bike - “Vroom”

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Shuttle

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Klingon Warbird

Sadly No Glasses Included in Promotion
Unlike the US and Canadian franchises Burger King New Zealand has not released the Star Trek collectable glasses. This is a real shame as they look like a nice set and to be very high quality to me.

Burger King have released 16 Star Trek movie tie-in toys in New Zealand. The set includes 8 character figures: Kirk, Young Spock, Spock Prime, Scotty, Sulu, Bones, Chekov, Uhura, 5 Spaceships: Shuttle, Enterprise, Kelvin, Warbird, Jellyfish, a tricorder, a communicator and a hoverbike. The set is identical to the US set apart from the packaging. No collectable glasses are being promoted. Live long and prosper Trekkies!!!

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