Saturday, March 20, 2010

McDonalds Dragon Happy Meal Toys

The McDonalds promotion of Dragon happy meal toys has begun throughout Australia and New Zealand. McDonalds are giving away one of 6 Dragon toys for with every McDonalds happy meal sold over the next three weeks. This character-themed toy release includes 6 of the best loved characters from the new hit movie Dragon 3D How to Train Your Dragon.

The Dragon happy meal set includes 6 different dragon character from the movie. Most of the toys come with detachable wings and press button action to make the wings flap. This Australasian release has 2 less toys than the North America release. Toothless and Hiccup and R.D. are the toys that were dropped. The 6 plastic toys included in this current McDonalds promotion are:

McDonalds Dragon Happy Meal Toys - Australia and New Zealand release March 2010 - Monstrous Nightmare, Night Fury, Terrible Terror, Hideous Zippelback, Gronckle, Nadder and Astrid
  • Nadder and Astrid - light blue and gold dragon
  • Terrible Terror - green dragon
  • Monstrous Nightmare - red dragon
  • Gronckle - purple dragon
  • Hideous Zippelback - blue two-headed dragon
  • Night Fury - black dragon

McDonalds Dragon Happy Meal Toys - Terrible Terror
McDonalds Dragon Happy Meal Toys - Nadder and Astrid
McDonalds Dragon Happy Meal Toys - Monstrous Nightmare

Character-themed Dragon Happy Meal toys are now being given away at McDonalds with each happy meal sold in Australia and New Zealand. The set of Dragon toys includes 6 plastic toys each with press button action.

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