Monday, January 5, 2015

McDonalds Penguins Madagascar Happy Meal Toys NZ and Australia

Penguins Madagascar from McDonalds are the happy meal toys available at McDonalds restaurants in Australia and New Zealand during January 2015. McDonalds are giving away one of eight character toys inspired by the Penguins Madagascar movie with every McDonalds happy meal sold.

McDonalds Penguin Madagascar Happy Meal Toys 2015
Collectors Note
Collectors please take note that these toys are identical to the Penguin Madagascar happy meal toys released in USA except that the Australia and New Zealand release has two additional toys: Rico Disc Launcher and Kowloski Flips.

The Australia and New Zealand McDonalds Penguins Madagascar happy meal toy promotion for 2015 includes the following 8 happy meal toys:

  • Private Penguin
  • Penguin Binoculars
  • Skipper Rolls
  • Rico Fish Flyer
  • Rico Disc Launcher
  • Kowalski Launcher
  • Kowalski Flips
  • Penguin Periscope

Rico Fish Flyer
Kowalski Launcher
Kowloski Flips
Rico Disc Launcher

McDonalds Madagascar happy meal toys are being promoted at McDonalds restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand during Jan 2015. There are eight character-inspired McDonalds Penguins Madagascar happy meal toys to collect.

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