Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KFC Kids Meals Spinjas Toys

KFC, New Zealand are currently giving away one Spinjas toy with every KFC kids meal. These toys are identical to those promoted in Australia and possibly the rest of the world although I would welcome confirmation from anyone who has the lowdown on these premiums.

In the last few years KFC, New Zealand has conisistently had similar toy promotions to Australia making it easy for collectors to trade across the Tasman. On the whole this is probably a good thing but it is the country specific sets that carry a premium on the collector market or secondary market if you want to call it that so as a collector I’d prefer them to have the odd set which is unique to New Zealand.

Back to the Spinjas toys. These toys are hard plastic and only suitable for children 3 years and above. Each one is a spinning top (probably no surprises there!). The toys included in this 4 piece set are:

Jumping Jax
Shadow Spinner

Essentially these Spinjas toys are good for the KFC collector who likes to pick up a set of each promotion but overall they have limited collectable value and interest.

Why oh why doesn’t KFC return to its glory days with sets like they brought out 10 years ago? I’m talking sets that are classic like Star Wars, Toy Story and the Looney Tunes to name a few. These were good action figure and character driven sets that I’m sure had collectors and fans eating more drumsticks and tenders than was good for them. And we loved the collector buckets too didn’t we? Honestly whoever is doing the marketing at KFC is behind the 8-ball on this one.

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